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Destination Wedding Photographers - Katja & Simon



– “Hi there!” I started. In the middle of a dark, crowded club.”I’ve seen you a lot around here!” –
– “Well this is my first time here.” 

– “Then I must have seen you around town. I am sure!” –
“No, I actually just moved here.”
– “Are you sure? You look familiar…” I tried one last time. –
“What a stupid way to pick up a girl,” she though to herself.

Stupid or not. It worked. Because 10 years later we are here, together. As a wife and husband. We’ve finished college and changed jobs. We’ve moved around and we’ve traveled around the world. We dreamt about the future. We still dream and we keep moving forward. And we are grateful to do something we love.

Destination Wedding Photographers - Katja & Simon

We are Destination Wedding Photographers

Destination Wedding Photographers - Katja & Simon

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!”

We love the sound of a plane taking off. The exitement of new adventures ahead of us is what inspires and motivates us. There is something special about the first step you make when getting out the aircraft, the food you try for the first time and the new friend you make. That is why we travel.