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Countryside Wedding

Timeless wedding memories

Countryside Wedding – Getting married is a once in a lifetime moment. So a lot of time is dedicated to the planning – getting that perfect dress, picking up those lovely flowers, decorating the location and reception…just to make your special day as beautiful as you want it to be. And our job is to turn that day into memories that last forever. Making them timeless. See how we did that with this rustic styled weeding with the help of our friends and wedding vendors. Thanks to all of you!

Grandma’s old country house

We wanted to capture this old grandma’s house while it’s still standing. Vintage wallpapers, old wooden furniture, details from the back of the closet…we had an amazing time discovering the beauty and treasures that were hidden inside. We discovered an old portrait that nobody has ever seen before and cleaned all those dusty old wooden frames. You would not believe what an amazing atmosphere it is when all those secret photos and things are displayed on the wall.

Spring and Cherries Blooming

The spring was waking up, the cherries were blooming and the views from the old window panes kept changing every day. It rained one day before and although we got a little bit wet in the morning, we wouldn’t want to have it any other way. The grass had this amazing dark green color on it and these big white clouds were dancing in the sky. It was an amazing day to capture these two lovebirds, while the fresh breeze went through her hair and made cherry flowers snow all over the place.

Countryside Wedding – Rustic and DIY

It wasn’t just romantic, we had a lot of fun too! We reused old doors and windows to create a lovely backdrop for the photo booth outside and drank some fine lemonade from mason jars. And to end the night properly we played some old music on the gramophone.

With Love,
Katja & Simon

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Models: Jasna & Matic
Bride’s dress: Asos
Wedding stationery: Kjut dizajn
Decoration: Katja
Flowers: Flower Shop Arkade
Makeup: Verena Robar
Groom’s Suit: Angelico
Groom’s Shoes: Corvari


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