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We're eloping - How does our ceremony look like?

You decided on eloping, found an epic location, got the dress and all other details sorted. But one things is still unclear - “How does an actual elopement ceremony look like?”

An elopement ceremony can look like anything you want it to. The good thing about elopements is that you can plan it just the way you like it - you can take some elements of a traditional wedding and include that in your ceremony, or make it very personal and do only things that are meaningful to you.

The only recipe here is to make it your own.

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Elopement Ceremony Ideas

elopement ceremony ideas

Elopement Ceremony Ideas

1. Ring exchange

This isn’t really a new idea, but exchanging the rings is a great way to add something traditional to your elopement. Ring exchange has been a long standing tradition. Their circular shape symbolises true love that has no beginning and no end.

If you’re looking for something a bit less traditional, but still want to wear a ring, think about getting wedding rings engraved with each others finger prints.

Another lovely idea is to surprise each other by getting a very personal ring for one another and reveal them at the ceremony for the first time. Or go and craft your own wedding rings together.

2. Personal Vows

Eloping is the perfect opportunity if you want to avoid the traditional “I take you…” vows and write something on your own.

They could be romantic and intimate, they could be funny and make your spouse laugh out loud - all depending on how you want them to feel during the ceremony. And it can be both.

Personal vows can be very beautiful, but if you’re not good at writing, you can always look for some inspiration on Google.

You can write your vows down on a beautiful piece of paper that you can put in a frame and on a wall in your home, or maybe get special handmade notebooks for the occasion.

And if maybe you’re a musician by heart, why not write a song and sing it during the ceremony.

elopement ceremony ideas

3. Unity Ceremony

The idea of the unity ceremony is to take two pieces of an item, and then combine it to a third, singular piece. It can be very simple: lighting a third candle with two seperate ones, adding two different colors of sand into a vase, perhaps even pouring two different types of wine into one bottle.

We have a great idea for art lovers: get a canvas and two different colors and create your own painting, each using your own brush and your color. You’ll have this beautiful symbol of unity at the ceremony, but also a beautiful and meaningful piece of art to hand in your home.

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Elopement Ceremony Ideas

4. Plant a Tree

(or a Plant)

Another great way to make your elopement special is to plant a tree together. In time, when the tree grows, it will represent the growth of your relationship and love.

This idea is especially great if you’re eloping close to home. This way you can plant a tree in your backyard and watch it grow day by day.

You could probably do the same thing if you are eloping in another country - just make sure to ask for permission first (obviously you can’t plant the tree just anywhere), or buy a pot and plant your tree in there and bring it home with you.

You could do the same thing with a plant.

5. Tie the Knot

Handfasting or tying the knot is an old Celtic wedding tradition and symbolises the binding of two souls together.

Usually an officiant or whoever is running the ceremony does the tying, but if it’s going to be just the two of you and a photographer, you can always ask them to do it for you.

If you’re eloping with the people closest to you (parents, best friends), they can be involved in this ceremony too. This way they will not only be present, but a part of your elopement and they’ll feel like they are joining you two together.

You're eloping but still want to feel the presence of your beloved ones?

Perhaps the people you want with you, on such a big day, can’t travel with you. But you’d still like to think about them and in some way have them present during your elopement ceremony. You can ask them to write you short letters that you and your spouse can read before, after or even during your ceremony. You could also arrange a video call with everyone after the ceremony, so they can say congratulations right away.


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