Your Elopement in Slovenia

Everything you need to know + a list of best locations

elopement in slovenia


Your intimate day on the sunny side of the Alps

We are Katja & Simon, destination wedding photographers and guides. We travel around the world to capture beautiful wedding stories. And we are happy that you are here. Why? Because Slovenia is our home and one of the most beautiful places you could elope in.

Slovenia is a scenic country with a fantastic location, right in the heart of Europe. It’s easily accessible from the neighbour countries: Italy, Austria and Croatia, so planning your trip to Slovenia should be a fairly easy task. Although it’s a really small country, it is very diverse and offers a lot of spectacular places, that would be a perfect backdrop for your elopement in Slovenia.

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elopement in slovenia


The area of Triglav National Park is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The green meadows with rocky mountain tops in the background can be the most magical backdrop for your elopement.

Explore the areas around the tiny villages with shepherd huts, visit a ski-resort and enjoy a panoramic cable-car ride or visit one of the beautiful lakes in the valley.

elopement in slovenia lake bled


There are hundreds of lakes in Slovenia, but Lake Bled is for sure one of the most beautiful places. It’s also the #1 tourist attraction in Slovenia, so it can be packed with tourists. However, the lake is big enough and it is possible to find a nice quiet spot for your vow exchange.

The island on the lake is very popular with weddings too: you can hire a pletna boat to take you to the island, climb the 100 stairs and get married in the Church of the Mother of God and ring the wishing bell inside. Or go for a view from above – visit the Bled Castle, explore the history and enjoy the best view of the lake.

elopement in slovenia lake bohinj


Lake Bohinj is the biggest lake in Slovenia and a perfect place for nature lovers. Surrounded with the mountains, you'll find amazing views while walking along the shore, and if you're up for some adventure, you can rent a rowing boat.

elopement in slovenia trenta valley


This is one of the most remote areas of Slovenia, but definitely worth the visit. You can explore the valley on foot or with a bike and see the traditional houses made of local wood and stone, while overlooking at the mountains in the background.

Adventurous couples will get some adrenaline while rafting the Soča River, which is know for its crystal clear water and turquoise color.

elopement in slovenia ljubljana


One of the best-kept secret in Europe is the charming city of Ljubljana. Wander around in the picturesque cobbled streets and enjoy your coffee on the banks of Ljubljanica river. Ljubljana Castle offers gorgeous views of the city and beyond, as it sits on top of the hill in the city centre.


What's next?

Now that you’ve found the perfect place, it's time to plan your perfect day.

First think about whether you want an official wedding ceremony. For that you'll need to contact to local municipality and ask for a date, and plan everything around that.

Or you can opt for a symbolic vow exchange and be more flexible both with timing and locations.


Your love deserves beautiful imagery.

Just because you are not having a 'traditional' wedding, that doesn't mean you don't deserve to have that gorgeous dress of to enjoy a fantastic dinner and a bottle of the best wine. In fact, because it's just going to be the two of you, the cost of your wedding day is tremendously lower that it would be, so now you have the budget to really invest in the things that are important to you.

So why not go for it an hire an amazing photographer to capture your elopement adventure, as it deserves to be captured? You'll want to remember all the beautiful spots you visited that day, the tears in your eyes when you read the vows to each other and that breathtaking sunset you shared to end your perfect day.


LET'S MAKE IT memorable,


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