12 Wedding MomentsEmotionsThat Moved Us To Tears

Emotional Wedding Moments

12 Emotional Wedding Moments That Moved Us To Tears

As destination wedding photographers we regularly witness powerful displays of love and emotions. Some weddings are more about fun and laughter, others more about revealing love in beautiful words, hugs and tears. With love and happiness. Being so close to these people, we can’t help it but to shed a tear too. All of these emotional wedding moments made us so grateful that we can be part of them.

We decided to go back to all the photos we made and find some of the most powerful moments we experienced. Then, we asked our couples to reveal the story behind that moment and what it means to them.



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Emotional Wedding Moments

Destination Wedding Moments Photographer

Bertrand and his groomsmen praying, just moments before he saw his bride-to-be in her dress: “I never liked being the center of attention but having a day to celebrate our love for each other with people that we love just overshadowed everything – every fear, every worry. I felt so much love from my friends and family. I thought about how blessed I am to have such supportive and loving friends with me on that day.


Tuscany Italy Wedding Moments

” ‘You don’t spell love, you feel it’ said Winnie the Pooh. That was excatly our thoughts here. I think these was the first moment we realized we are married. I still think these was the happiest day of our lives, we had smiles on our faces all the time. I couldn’t even cry a little from happines, everything was so amazing and we were hypontized! I was just so lucky to be there with these man, i love the most. We were so full of adrenalin, but still so relaxed, because we had each other. Hand by hand. I, we, felt save. And loved. Blessed. Best day! ”

Emotional Wedding Moments

Katja crying, after she and Matic received an unexpected gift: “There was someone else present that evening, standing just next to us. It was my grandparents, present in our hearts, but the feeling was so much stronger. After we cut the cake, my father brought us an old present. It was 30 years old. The newspaper from the day I was born was wrapped around a bottle of spirit bought the same day. My grandparents saved it for so many years to give it to me on my wedding day. They knew they wanted to be with me on my wedding day, whether with body or with heart, and their presence made the evening unforgettable.”



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Emotional Wedding Moments

Holding hands without seeing each other: “We didn’t actually see each other, but we were so excited, happy (partly, that this one day FINALLY has come, we have to admit) and curios. Even though we have been invowing ourselves for almost seven years before we got married, we felt that on the wedding day, we should save the joy of seeing each other only at the beginning of the ceremony. That first look will for all times be the one moment we will keep coming back to, in good times and in bad – as it will always remind us why we chose each other, and why we wish to spend the rest of our lives together.”


Emotional Wedding Moments
“So this picture is part of ceremony in Indonesia called Sungkeman. It is done as a pay respect to parents and ask for their blessings. Usually it is the most emotional part of Indonesian wedding.
For us it is much more than that since we have been through a lot of ups and downs to get our parents approval and blessings in our 8 years of relationship.
But in the past years before the wedding, both parents agreed to met each other and learn about us. From then on, they began to support our relationship and everything is going smoother. We are very happy because in the beginning we can’t think of getting married before getting our parents on board with it. ”

emotional wedding moments

“One of the most special emotional moments that you caught on camera was during the ceremony. We had written a short testimonial for our parents to thank them for everything they have done for us. Hearing this being red to them was a really special moment for them, but also for us. Roderik was emotional and I wanted him to know that I was there for him, always.”


Emotional Wedding Moments

“In this moment, I was overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions, initially by the stress of rushing to get ready, but then once I walked down the path with my parents and then saw Chelsey for the first time in her dress, I was overcome by a sense of love and fulfillment, both for our families and for Chelsey, and knowing that this was it, that everything on this day would work out because we were together. She looked so beautiful, and it felt unreal that it all was finally happening. I don’t often cry out of happiness, but once my wife started crying,  I cried too because it was one of those moments when you feel so much love from all angles– your family, your friends and the love of your life, and those moments are rare. People often say the only other time you’re surrounded by so many loved ones is during your funeral.
While the planning of the wedding was nerve wracking, the actual day was truly the happiest of my life. When you are there on that day with your partner and best friend, it’s all perfect, no matter what small things might not go as planned. Now, 6 months later, and I imagine for the rest of my life, I still feel so emotional thinking of our wedding day and how lucky I am to have married this amazing person. ”




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Sarah crying, during Bertrand’s vows to her parents: “I remember thinking how glad I was that my bridesmaids thought of hiding tissues inside my bouquet because I really needed them! I was so taken aback at the thoughtfulness of Bertrand to have written a part of his vows to my parents in Korean. It made me think “Wow. I am marrying such a sweet man who takes the time to make a vow to my parents. In Korean.”

Betrand: “I was thinking of how long my vow was and that I felt so stupid reading a part of my vows in Korean, but it didn’t matter because I really felt like I had opened up to Sarah’s family and expressed myself in a way that Sarah’s parents could really understand. I saw that speaking my heart in their mother tongue moved them.”


Emotional Wedding Photographer

Sarah, after her dad’s speech: “I was so shocked to see my dad cry. I think I’ve seen my dad cry only twice in my life before the wedding day. My dad had always been so strong and unshakable. But that day I saw how much he loved me and that he is such a softie inside.”

Betrand: “I just thought that there were so many unexpected yet good things that happened throughout the day like in this photo of Sarah’s dad crying. It was so unexpected to see Sarah’s dad crying and even more unexpected to see my dad go up to Sarah’s dad and give him a hug.”


Tuscany Siena Wedding Photographer

Benjamin carrying his wife through the exit: “You in my arms, love in our hearts and happiness all around us, locked in a perfect moment in time.” 



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Katrina and Alan laughing at a funny story during their ceremony: “I never understood why people would say that their wedding day was the “best day of their life” until this magical day unfolded for us. You can plan and anticipate the excitement. But in the moment it’s simply euphoric amore. It goes through you in waves that make you laugh and cry. It’s insane magic. ”


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Swapna praying just after the ceremony: “We are two very different persons, but we complement one another with love and understanding. For me this was a very intimate and vulnerable moment. I was in tears of happiness, sunken in prayer and sharing my thankfulness with the Almighty. Aleksandar in the back was patiently sitting next to me, showing his respect for my belief and religousness.”






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Emotional Wedding Moments

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