10 Favorite Moments of 2019

Favorite Moments 2019

Being a wedding photographer gives us insight into life and love, sometimes in ways that other people can’t even imagine. Our job is to capture all the sweet and special moments of the wedding day – touching vows, happy first kisses, bites of cake and dancing like crazy… And very often we witness a moment that really touches our hearts.

So this year, instead of showing a selection of best photos, we decided to show our 10 favorite moments of 2019. To inspire all future brides & grooms, and to help us remember all the beautiful places we visited, all the lovely people we met and moments we witnessed.

Spoiler alert – one of the images has nothing to do with weddings!

Favorite Moments 2019

10. Amy and Tom under confetti seconds after saying “I do”.

The confetti photos are one of our favourites. It’s so great to capture the excitement, joy and laughter of the couple and their loved ones, all in the same frame. Top that with colourful confetti and you’ve got yourself an amazing moment. This one is our favorite confetti photo of the year, taken at Amy’s and Tom’s outdoor wedding in Italy.

wedding moments

9. Pauline & Olivier enjoying their gondola ride in the most romantic city in the world.

See their wedding in Venice here. 

emotional wedding moments

8. Melissa holding Phil after their emotional elopement in the middle of nowhere.

These lovebirds dreamed of secretly saying “I do” in the beautiful surroundings of Scotland. It was cold and windy, but their love for each other, and a tiny bit of Scottish whiskey, kept them warm.

emotional highlights

7. A bird flying over the waterfall in Iceland, where Michelle & Dan tied the knot.

Iceland, the magical country with vast landscapes of lava fields, breathtaking waterfalls and scary glaciers. Michelle and Dan eloped here early in the spring.

iceland vik moments

6. Christy having fun with giant soap bubbles on her way to the ceremony in Belgium.

We are big fans of outdoor weddings in nature. But more and more we are falling in love with weddings in the hearts of cities – we can’t even imagine all the things that could happen. Simple and fun moments like this one make the whole wedding experience even more unforgettable.

Favorite Moments 2019

5. Joan & Paul being super cute while celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in Croatia.

Meeting new people is one of the exciting parts of our job, and more often than not we find ourselves talking about life with the older generation. We’ve always been fascinated by the stories they tell and how passionately they describe their lives when they were our age.

These two are one of those passionate people, who after 40 years of marriage still show so much love for each other and for life. We’re so happy our paths crossed and that we were able to capture some of the memories of their anniversary in Trogir, Croatia.

Trogir moments 2019

4. Can you spot Lulu & Fra in this beautiful view over Italian Alps?

Moments 2019

3. Olivia and Jack sharing a loud laugh during their portrait session in France.

Favorite Moments

2. Family on their short hike after secretly eloping in the Slovenian Alps.

In life you’ll meet so many different people. Some will just pass by, you’ll spend a great day, and never see them again. With some you’ll not connect at all, and that’s ok. We are not on this planet to be liked by everyone. And then there will be people, who will really touch your heart.
This family deeply touched ours. Originally from Germany, they are really people of the World. They travel as much as they can and teach their kids about different places, cultures, people, in hope they will learn the value of diversity, different religions and how it makes this planet richer.

When you meet these kind of people, you know the future is bright!

Favorite Moments

And definitely the #1 of our favourite moments of 2019 – the birth of our baby boy.

And every day since.

Firstly, we are grateful for all our couples for their trust and not being afraid to show their emotions in front of us. We are happy we have been able to travel to some spectacular places like the French countryside, Scottish highlands, Seychelles beaches, tiny villages in Cyprus… and to keep going back and discover unique places in the World.

Secondly, we also want to thank everyone who worked on and attended the Monte Istra Workshop. For the third time in a row, this event was a mind blowing experience and we feel so honoured to be able to help other photographers with growing their brands and businesses. The dates for the 4th edition in 2020 are already open, so make sure to check more info here.

To help even more people, we started a Facebook group for creatives, where you can ask questions, share your work and help others by sharing your experience. In the future we plan to share a lot of guides and tutorials, to help you improve your business. You can join the group here.




In conclusion, Year 2019, thank you for all the experiences.

Favorite Moments 2019

Favorite Moments 2019

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