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Should we do a first look and why?

The moment you’ll first see your spouse-to-be on your wedding day is probably the moment you’ll anticipate the most.

The tradition is that you shouldn’t see each other before the ceremony, but weddings have been moving away from tradition in the past years and if you feel you want to do your wedding differently, then a modern first look might be a great idea.

Here are a few reasons why we love a modern first look:

first look

1. It's a very intimate and personal experience

If you’re not used to being the centre of attention and feel stressed just thinking about dozens or hundreds of eyes staring at your reaction when you enter the ceremony… then choose a first look and meet with your spouse before the ceremony.

Your future husband or wife is probably your best friend too, so having this intimate moment before you enter your wedding, will help relieve the stress and calm you down.

The main reason you decided to get married is because you love each other, not because of other people, so having a simple moment just the two of you actually makes total sense.

first look
first look

You get to decide if you want to do this all by yourselves, or perhaps invite your photographer and videographer to capture those first emotional looks as well.

As photographers, the first look is one of our favourite moments on the wedding, as we have the opportunity to capture strong and real emotions. And we believe these are some of the most important memories that deserve to be captured and relived in the future.

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2. It's an opportunity to do a photo shoot

You’re probably going to plan a longer photo session later in the day, but having a first look is a great opportunity to take a few photos of you and your loved one, before you say I do. You’ll be fresh out of the make-up and hair chair and don’t need to worry if you need any fixes.

We usually do at least a quick round of photos that can be done in less than 10 minutes, and then you’re off to the ceremony.

Or you can opt for a longer photo session and get that part behind you, so after the ceremony you can spend more time with your guests and enjoy the party. This will also allow your photographer to have more time to photograph the reception area before you and your guests enter for dinner.

*Whenever we do a first look followed by a photo session, we still encourage to have a second round of photos sometime around sunset, just to take advantage of that amazing light.

first look

3. You can spend more time alone together

There’s usually not a lot of opportunities to spend some quality time together, just the two of you, on your wedding. During the ceremony and reception you will be surrounded with your guests, which is great. Of course you want to celebrate with them too.

But we believe having at least a few moments just for yourselves is very important. After all, it’s you two who are getting married.

But what if we want to see each other when I enter to the ceremony?

That’s fine too. If you dream about that moment, when you enter the ceremony hall and all guests turn towards you, go for it! It is your wedding and you should do it the way it feels best for you two.

However you decide, take some time before the wedding to talk about the details of the first look with your photographer. We normally ask our couples if there is a specific location at the venue that they like and want to do the first look there, otherwise we take a look around and find a pretty, quiet and intimate place for it.


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