Monte Istra Workshop 


Join us on the top of the Mediterranean for a unique experience that will leave you inspired! 

Groznjan, Croatia
April 15 – 16, 2019
***UPDATE*** Last 3 Spots available! 

This 2-day workshop is for you – the photographer / videographer, who is seeking your true purpose and want to discover your unique style. Hosted in a beautiful villa, we will sit together and talk about our story, how we started and what were the key elements that brought us and our businesses to where we are today. You can expect a lot of honesty, new tricks and lots of tips on how to improve your business, editing or shooting techniques.

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Chosen as one of the best workshops to attend in 2019 by Photobug community

This is not one of those workshops, where you end up sitting on the other side of the room, listening and writing things down. We want you to step out of your comfort zone, set goals and strategies, that will help your business grow. Join us if you are dedicated to be focused, full of energy and ready to do some hard work.


We want to share as much information as possible relevant to your business. That is why we will host 2 separate classes for photographers and videographers, at the same time (each in one house). We will enjoy the lunch brakes and the welcome party together, so you can meet and connect with even more people.


  • Own voice
  • Storytelling
  • Attract your clients
  • Editing & Workflow
  • Branding & Portfolio
  • Communicating with bride & groom
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Destination weddings
  • Styled photoshoot with a real couple
  • and much much more…


  • Filming techniques & strategies
  • Making Audio a part of your story
  • How to take advantage of the natural light
  • About team work
  • Editing workflow & grading
  • Career pitfalls & growth
  • Branding
  • All about gear
  • Styled videoshoot with a real couple
  • and much much more…

to the top of the Mediterranean


“I came from Australia just to attend Katja & Simon’s workshop. AMAZING does not even begin to describe how incredible my experience was. Katja & Simon were so generous with their time and did not hold anything back, I could not have asked for a better workshop with more fantastic people. Not only did i leave their workshop with a great deal of knowledge on new ways to improve my photography business but i left knowing i had made friendships for life. I cant recommend enough to anyone even considering doing a workshop with Katja & Simon to just do it. I have no doubt it will change your life just like it did mine.”

Kirk from Australia


Monte Istra Workshop

Katja & Simon Avbar – KATJASIMON

After accidentaly falling into weddings, we now travel all around Europe & beyond for weddings and love stories. Our work has been published more than 100 times in different wedding blogs and magazines from all around the world.

We organised the first workshop in May 2018, the second one in October 2018, with the intention to share our knowledge, tips and tricks we use in our business, while staying at a beautiful place with amazing vibes. The response from the attendees was phenomenal, that is why we are hosting a third workshop at the same spot.

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Monte Istra Workshop


Daniel Alonso runs his brand People Truelove Tellers with his wife Gloria. Their style is quite unique – they focus on people’s emotions and document weddings in a pure, honest way. They love experimenting and finding new ways to present their photography work, including sound and music. People Truelove Tellers was named one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in 2016 and Photographer of the year 2018 at BodaF.

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Monte Istra Workshop


Alena is the genius cinematographer behind the brand Fragments Collection. Her work is easily recognised as a blend of documentary and cinematographic style. Her films are intimate, very personal and honest, showcasing real tears, loud laughs and genuine emotions. She loves to search for natural light and use it to tell the couples’ stories, whether it’s the harsh light at midday, or a dreamy sunset setting down over the horizon. Her work was featured on famous wedding blogs such as, Martha Stewart Weddings and more…

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April 15-16, 2019

Our workshop will be held in a unique old villa near Groznjan, in Croatia. We will be surrounded by olive trees, soaking the sun at the pool and gaze at the amazing views across Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. We promise, you will love this one-of-a-kind place!

The charming city Groznjan – the city of artists is just 3 km away from the location of the workshop (transportation from Groznjan to the villa will be provided upon request). This cute tiny town is famous for it’s stone streets, cozy cafes and art galleries.  Find your accommodation in Groznjan here.



Grožnjan can be easily reached with a rental car from these airports:
CROATIA (Zagreb, Rijeka or Pula)   –   ITALY (Trieste, Venice)  –  SLOVENIA (Ljubljana)

You can also use GoOpti shuttle service to Umag, where we can pick you up. Contact us if you need more help on booking your trip.




workshop – 2 days
classes with Katja & Simon & Daniel
photoshoot with a real couple
food & drinks
welcome drinks by the pool
private Facebook group

595 €
UPDATE: Last 1 spot available!


workshop – 2 days
classes with Alena
videoshoot with a real couple
food & drinks
welcome drinks by the pool
private Facebook group

495 €
UPDATE: Last 2 spots available!


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And a lot more surprises…

We left Monte Istra workshop as better photographers

“Soooo many thoughts, emotions and positive impressions still going through our minds that are hard to put into words. But one thing is sure – we left Monte Istra workshop as better photographers than when we came. Katja & Simon are two beautiful and talented souls. We cannot say enough how grateful we are for sharing their journey with us and especially for being so open and honest about everything. In this highly competitive business it’s just such a privilege to hang out and learn from people who honestly want to help you to improve and grow. We came home full of new knowledge and inspiration and the photos we were able to take in the practical part of the workshop were just icing on the cake. Katja & Simon, you are an inspiration in so many ways, love you guys so much!"
Urša from Slovenia

You learn and share knowledge with and everyone!

“Katja & Simon shared their journey, experience and knowledge selflessly and openly. And it was more than just that, they included some personal exercises to help us understand what each and every one us of needs and how to make our business a personal brand. You always hear that your brand need to represent you, but that is easier said than done. Katja & Simon’s simple yet effective exercises really helped shine a light as in how to take a step into a more personalised direction. Their workshop is a great way to learn regardless of where you are in your career or how long you have been in business. The guest lecture from Daniel Alonso was just an added value to an already amazing array of information shared. To top it all, the location is absolutely amazing. Staying in the house with everyone creates true connections and a sense of community. You learn and share with and from everyone. It was truly an awarding workshop created to help photographers find their voice and excell at their business.”
Nina from Croatia

This workshop was truly inspiring!

”There are no words to describe what this workshop meant to me. Essentially, it’s been one of the most enriching experiences in my life and I got back home as a better photographer and as a better person. I’m quite insecure and I sometimes feel inadequate in certain situations, especially when relating with colleagues so at first I was quite afraid to start this workshop but it took me less than one hour to realise there was nothing to worry about. Spending two days with Katja & Simon was truly inspiring and motivating. I’ve rarely seen professionals being so humble, completely honest and giving as they were with us. This workshop really gives you all the tools to express your full professional potential and become the best version of yourself. All my expectations have been exceeded.“
Giulia from Italy


“We want to thank you for sharing all the knowledge. Our heads are full of new knowledge, ideas and inspiration… We can’t find the right words to describe how excited and happy we are. You guys are unbelievable! We feel honoured to have the opportunity to learn from such amazing photographers as you – Katja, Simon & Daniel are. We came back home, full of motivation and clearly set goals for our future.”
Katarina from Slovenia


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