Timeless Love in Venice

Rangefinder Magazine

We’re so delighted and honored to see one of our photos as the Editor’s Pick on Rangefinder Magazine. We are always stoked when our work see print. Especially because to us, print is such a strong medium for photos.  In this digital era, it’s easy to snap a pic and throw it to the wind, leaving memories to get buried beneath noisy social media feeds.

This one is special, though. The universe does have its little quirks – it gives you the most opportune moments on some sort of miraculous cue and all you have to do is to be quick on your feet and catch it. We had one such moment even in the face of setbacks like being stuck in traffic, wardrobe issues and not being able to start the shoot on time at among the most touristy of spots: Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Timeless Love in Old Venice

The romantic air of old Venice makes it the perfect backdrop, but because foot traffic is usually high capturing great photos can also be tricky. On that day though, in the blink of an eye, everything was set up for us.

It was as if onstage curtains were being drawn back. Suddenly it was just the couple having a private moment, with a perfectly positioned (and perfectly dressed!) man by the ice cream stand in the background, while tourists made way for the scene to unfold. We eventually decided to render a grainy black and white version, pushing the photo from nostalgic to timeless.

Now who says time travel isn’t possible?


Rangefinder Magazine

Great experience which we’ll remember with a smile and gratitude. Rangefinder Magazine, thank you very much.

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