Wedding Croatia Vanda Winter & Ivan Parlov

Only a handful of brides would decide to have a winter wedding. There might be bad weather, it’s cold and foggy, so you can’t really wear a summer dress. But getting married isn’t about the flowers and the decoration, the ceremony under the sun and the first dance under the open sky. Love is the first and only reason people get married. So we don’t mind the cold. It brings lovers even closer and makes them hold each other warmer.

Vanda and Ivan’s wedding was just like that. It was all about love. Pure and simple. They got married in the old city of Zagreb, where they live and invited friends to celebrate their big day in the evening. We started with a short photoshoot on the old streets, discovering hidden courtyards and amazing buildings aroud the main square. Believe us, it was freezing, but Ivan’s love and smile kept Vanda warm, so we could take some photos of the beautiful handcrafted wedding dress made by Envy Room.

» When we started organizing our wedding, we didn’t have as much time and energy as we would normally prefer due to specific requirements of our professional careers. So our friends took the slightest bit of charge and helped us by recommending Katja & Simon. From the moment we saw and liked their work, their youthful and fresh creativity, the unique ability to bring the fairytale out of every event, and also, when we got in touch with their easy going and reliable personal approach, we knew we had found the right people. Our wedding turned out a total success, it made all our hopes and dreams come true, but Katja & Simon played the most important role in capturing it’s essence for all eternity. Therefore we are thankful and wish to recommend them further. «

The church ceremony was one of the most touching ones we’ve had a privilige to seeing and documenting. It wasn’t just a joining of two people, but two very special families.  We could feel the love around us.

More from the bride:
» Everything went perfect, better than we expected.  We knew from the start that we don’t want a traditional wedding celebration. We wanted to use this special day in our lives as an opportunity to gather all our families and friends in one place and spend time with them, enjoy good music and delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere. Simply put, we wanted an informal an spontaneous day. And I believe it was just like that. Everywhere we looked, we saw warm faces and sincere smiles of people who love us and recieved unconditional support.«

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