A lifetime memory

Wedding Photography Lifetime Memory

Wedding – that wonderful day in your life that can not be reproduced or repeated. Sounds kinda scary doesn’t it? There so much to do when planning your wedding. You can’t do it without wedding rings and a dress, hair and make-up, you and your guests have to eat something so they don’t pass out, you need the music to dance and have a good time, … and obviously you’re gonna need a wedding photographer to capture all that’s happening.

So what to look for when you’re searching for your photographer? It’s not just about the package and prices. It’s about the experiences, the style, the work he or she has done so far. The way he or she knows when you are nervous and knows how to calm you down and tell you look good and the photos are amazing. The way he or she can make you smile and laugh and capture the true you. You as individuals and as soulmates. Don’t you want to spent the most important day of your life with someone who understands you and your needs and in fact treats you as a friend? And might even become a true friend in the future?

Wait, what? Friends? Yes, during our work as wedding photographers we met some amazing people that in some way or another changed our lives. We can say we have a couple of new, really good friends now and we see each other quite often, even years after their weddings.

When it goes down to choosing the right one, the price is usually the key factor. What we are trying to say here is that there is so much more to explore below the surface. You don’t choose a car just based on the price, you choose a brand and a colour first. You don’t go to the store and pick up the cheapest bottle of wine if you know it’s your best friends birthday. So why would you choose a photographers based on his or her price, if your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life?

In 50 years you won’t remember how much you paid for that red car when you were 25. But the places you have visited and that road trip you went on with your sweetheart. You won’t think about the price of that bottle of wine, but the amazing evening you had with your friend on his 28th birthday. Do you see? The car and the bottle of wine are lifetime investments. Investments in memories for all the years ahead of you.

Wedding Photography Lifetime Memory

In the next 50 years you’ll gather your kids and grandkids in your old house and tell stories about your life and how it was back then. They will laugh about the music we listen and the clothes we wear right now, but you won’t mind. You will show them your wedding photos and albums and videos and tell them it was the most beautiful day of your life and how happy you were then and how in love you still are. The photos will tell them the story of a different time, a different environment, they will be full of details and – most importantly – they will be about you and your love. They will make you laugh and cry. They will be priceless!

Just like some of the things on the pictures below are priceless to Katja and her family. We just spent a couple of days in her grandparents old house, where we found some amazing photos from far away in the past. And the wedding portraits are the ones that impressed us the most. A piece of the past that seem so vivid right now.

We didn’t write this so you would book us. There are tons of excellent photographers out there, you just have to find a perfect fit. But do think of this as an investment in the future. Think of it as something you don’t really need, but can’t live without. Won’t live without!

With love,
Katja & Simon

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