Why Everyone Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

why unplugged wedding

updated for 2021 and 2022

why unplugged wedding

Why Everyone Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

Mobile phones have become an extension of our hands. Everybody has at least one on them all the time, but there are still important moments when mobile phones should be turned off. And one of those is your wedding day.

These are our 4 main reasons why every couple should think about having an unplugged wedding:

Why Unplugged Wedding

1. You Want Your Guests To Be Fully Present

We get so busy taking photos of the important and interesting things in our lives that we forget to actually be present and enjoy them while they’re happening.

This happens at weddings too often. We’ve seen mothers, sitting in the first row, taking snaps with their iPads while their daughters were saying their vows. Instead of focusing on their daughter’s vows in one of the most important moments in her life, they were focused on getting a decent, somewhat sharp photo.

If you think banning your guests from using their phones for a whole day may be too much, you can compromise and ask them to at least be fully present during your ceremony.

why unplugged wedding

2. You Want to See Faces and Not Phones When You Walk Down The Aisle

Imagine yourself, nervous before the ceremony, moments away from saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life. You find yourself at the start of the aisle and instead of seeing the groom on the other end, you’re looking at a bunch of mobile phones sticking out of the seats and even a guest or two standing in your way. Just so they could have a photo of you entering.


3. You Don't Want Phones Ringing in The Middle Of Your Ceremony

Why Unplugged Wedding

4. You Want Nice Wedding Photos

Unwanted amateur photographers are one of the main reasons why unplugged weddings are becoming more and more popular.

You plan your wedding for months and put so much effort into it. You make sure everything runs smoothly and that all the details look great, but then your photographs are ruined by people holding up their phones – instead of seeing your guests in your photos, you see a bunch of phones sticking up from their hands.

Write a short casual notice about having an unplugged wedding and add it to your wedding website, your invitations or post it on a decorated welcome sign at the entrance to the ceremony or the venue.

Bonus tip: mention that you hired an awesome wedding photographer and that all the guests will get access to the photos they take.

How to Host an Unplugged Wedding

You like the idea of an unplugged wedding, but don’t know where to start? Here are some quick tips:

why unplugged wedding

Ask your officiant or pastor to remind the guests to turn off and put away their phones and cameras before the ceremony.

Ask your groomsmen (if you have them) or your best man to remind the guests while they are sitting down for the ceremony.

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